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Feast of the Moon Episode 1: Trouble in Twinkley Town

This is the first of four episodes in the ‘Feast of the Moon’ Podcast Special series, a super project where we teamed up with four other all female and non-binary actual play podcasts:  D20 Dames The BroadswordsFate & the Fable MaidensRoll Like a Girl These episodes are all family friendly holiday themed one shots! Find the […]

Episode 50: Witching Hour

Our heroes are recruited to the Sisters of Sorrow’s new mission, but as they prepare for their deadliest quest yet, Kara is visited by a ghostly apparition. Can our Maidens solve the specter’s secrets? Has Rem abandoned the Keep for good? Will politics prove our heroes undoing? Gather round travelers to hear our tale…   […]

Episode 49: Heart-Shaped Box

The Maidens finally all make it back to the Keep and hash out everything that has happened so far. What do Kara’s nightmares portent? Will our heroes discover what chaos the Raven Queen caused? Are tensions in the ranks beginning to fray?  Gather round travelers to hear our tale…   …or you may watch us […]

Venture Maidens LIVE! Sask Expo

See the first Venture Maidens Live Show! We come to you live from the beautiful land of Saskatchewan Canada to have some D&D fun!  We are joined by the ever talented RPG author Jon Sawatsky! Find him on Twitter @JonSawatsky Note: The stream jumps forward about 3 minutes ahead around the 10 minute mark. Apologies […]

Episode 48: Thought & Memory

Arrnodel finds herself alone in a realm of shadows. Can she fight her way through the lost city? Will she be able to escape from Dendar’s Grasp? What price must our warlock pay? Gather round travelers to hear our tale…   …or you may watch us instead!

Podcasts of Waterdeep: Curtain Call

Join us for another special episode from the Wizards of the Coast launch event ‘Podcasts of Waterdeep’ to celebrate the release of ‘Waterdeep Dragon Heist’. The Venture Maidens are called to Waterdeep to aid the city officials in a mad treasure hunt. Can our heroes find the vault key before its too late? What dire […]

Episode 47: Gate Crasher

Our Maidens come face to face with the stuff of nightmares as they battle to enter the Raven Queen’s realm. Can our heroes survive an assault from the skies? Will Randy find help from his herd? And how’s that ‘shedding the blood’ prophecy going to turn out? Our Guest this episode is Josh Perault. Find […]